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Module Index: A comprehensive listing of modules and topics.

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Planner's Guide
Topic Title Author
  A Teacher's Overview of the Site  
  Topic Summaries by Subject  
Module A
Topic A1 The Online Journey Begins Jean Runyon
Topic A2 Your Student Audience Virginia Scott
Topic A3 Instructional Design Angel Burba
Topic A4 Learning Objectives Angel Burba
Topic A5 Designing Learning Activities that Promote Active Learning Virginia Scott
Topic A6 Classroom Assessment Techniques Jean Runyon
Topic A7 Identifying and Assessing Available Technologies Cindy McCourt
Topic A8 Your Role as Instructor Joan McMahon & Marj Ashcraft
Topic A9 Online Design Michael DiMauro & Sandra Witt
Topic A10 Creating an Effective Online Syllabus Joan McMahon & Marj Ashcraft
Topic A11 Implementing Standards of Good Practice for Online Courses Mary Helen Spear
Topic A12 Resources and Tools for Online Learners: Library, Student Services, Tutorials Mary Wells & Richard Siciliano
Module B
Topic B1 Orienting Students to Online Learning Mary Wells & Richard Siciliano
Topic B2 Orienting Students to Online Technologies Kathy Hays
Topic B3 Communicating Online Diana Zilberman
Topic B4 Management Strategies: Course Files Joan McMahon & Marj Ashcraft
Topic B5 Management Strategies: Students Joan McMahon & Marj Ashcraft
Topic B6 Teaching Grades 8-12 Online Liz Glowa
Topic B7 Adult Learners Online Diane Finley
Module C
Topic C1 Introduction to the Online Workshop  
Topic C2 Importance of Knowing Definitions of the Terms Used in a Course  
Topic C3 Three Parts of a Definition Statement  
Topic C4 Three Kinds of Definitions  
Topic C5 Constructing Definition Test Questions  
Topic C6 Recognizing Examples  
Topic C7 Constructing Example Test Questions  
Topic C8 How to Promote Learning of the New Terms  
  Program Objectives  



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