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Module B ButtonTopic B1: Orienting Students to Online Learning

As the instructor of an online course, you will need to orient your students to the course, and, very possibly, to the world of online learning. The very least your should provide in your orientation information is a description of your course (possibly in the form of an online syllabus), an explanation of how your online class is managed, and guidance as to how students can be successful in your online course. You will also want to explain the technological requirements: a topic that will be covered in more detail in Topic B2: Orienting Students to Online Technologies.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of Topic B1, you will:

  • Assess the level of difficulty in finding information a typical online student would need to know before enrolling in an online course.
  • Know the necessary components of the layout of an online course.
  • Differentiate between instructor-generated and college-maintained orientation materials.
  • Be familiar with online orientation materials other faculty have successfully used in their courses.


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