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Maryland Faculty Online Events
Instructional technology opportunities of interest to Maryland faculty. presents the following upcoming workshops:

Implementing the Theories April 21-May 9
This beginner online course is for higher education faculty who have had some experience with online course delivery. This course consists of four modules: Designing Creative Assignments and Activities, Integrating Interactivity into Online Classes, Providing Feedback to Distance Learning Students, and Orienting Online Students. At the end of this workshop, you should be able to: (1) decide what on-ground activities that you are currently using will transfer to the web; (2) write a philosophy statement that for posting online; (3) write a document on how you give feedback to students; and (4) develop a list of items you need to do to orient your students to both the campus, course and your style.
Instructor: Dr. Joan McMahon, Professor of Human Resource Development and Orientation Coordinator, Honors College, Towson University
Tuition for the course is $200.00.
Register online at Questions? Contact Sharice Adams, Program Assistant at or by phone (301) 583-5219.

Assessment Strategies April 21-May 9
This course is designed for faculty who teach traditional or web-enhanced, web-hybrid/blended, or web-based courses (any level). Assessment Strategies will explore best practices for using classroom assessment techniques, implementing a variety of teaching methods, and developing creative activities for use in traditional and web-based courses. Participants will explore the use of commonly used classroom assessment techniques, including rubrics, KWL Chart, Minute Paper, Muddiest Point Activity, One-sentence summary, Directed Paraphrasing, and Application Cards. Participants will examine pluses and minuses of teaching methods intended for use in both traditional and web-based courses. Participants will also develop creative assignments for use in their classes.
Instructor: Jean Runyon, Professor and Faculty Development Coordinator and Tom Gorecki, Professor, Technical Studies Department, College of Southern Maryland
Tuition for the course is $200.00.
Register online at Questions? Contact Sharice Adams, Program Assistant at or by phone (301) 583-5219.

Teaching Psychology Online April 21-May 9
In this course, participants will explore issues related to teaching psychology online. Psychology has some unique elements which make it a discipline well-suited for the online learning environment. Participants will begin exploring psychological theories that have relevance for teaching and learning online. Participants will also examine what makes a good online learner. We will explore web resources for teaching psychology and examine the difficulties involved in using such resources. Finally, participants will develop a teaching activity using the web. At the completion of this course, students will be able to identify psychological theories relevant to teaching and learning online, discuss elements of the World Wide Web suited to teaching/learning psychology online, identify characteristics of successful online learners, explore web resources for teaching psychology, develop one activity for using the web to teach psychology.
Instructor: Diane L. Finley, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Prince George's Community College
Tuition for the course is $200.00.
Register online at Questions? Contact Sharice Adams, Program Assistant at or by phone (301) 583-5219.

A Practical Guide to Understanding, Assessing, and Supporting Online Courses
Friday, June 13, 2003 at CCBC-Catonsville
8:00 a.m. until 4:45 p.m.
Cost $125 per person
This conference is designed for those working in the areas of administration and student services: academic chairs, deans, vice presidents, registrars, academic advisors, library, testing and tutoring.
As online enrollments continue to increase dramatically, institutions and accrediting agencies are focusing on assessing the effectiveness of the online course as an instructional tool. The purpose of this conference is to explore online pedagogy, technologies and student services and to provide practical guidelines for assessing how well your faculty and support services meet accepted standards. After attending this sessions, all participants will be able to define and navigate the basic features in an online classroom, list at least 5 major instructional activities and how these can be accomplished in an online course, use at least two different sources as "standards" to measure the effectiveness of an online course, and more.
Register online at Questions? Contact Sharice Adams, Program Assistant at or by phone (301) 583-5219.

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