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Maryland Faculty Online Curriculum

This curriculum presents critical issues common to all institutions: establishing and incorporating standards of good practice, integrating instructional technologies into curricula, securing resources, providing incentives for faculty, and measuring outcomes through carefully designed assessment strategies. We invite you to use
this curriculum in your faculty technology instruction
and welcome any feedback you can provide.


Curriculum Topics Description
Introduction to Distance Learning Pedagogy Research, parallels between traditional and distance learning, learner characteristics, trends.
Establishing and Incorporating Standards of Good Practice In-depth look at models.
Overview of Online Technologies WebCT,, Web Tycho, SERF, Eduprise and others. A look at available technologies.
Creating Online Course Components Electronic syllabi, posting lectures, receiving and sending assignments.
Communications Online Using the Bulletin Board, chat, email and other tools.
Online Group Work Creating students' learning communities.
Designing an Online Training Program Developing a curriculum for faculty training for use at your institution. Motivation and incentives for faculty participants, intellectual property issues.
Integrating Interactivity into Online Courses Active learning strategies.
Providing Feedback to Distance Learning Students Creating, receiving, and evaluating assignments and coursework.
Online Classroom Assessment Techniques Strategies for measuring student learning.
Outcomes Assessment Techniques Training program evaluation.




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