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Module C ButtonTopic C1: Introduction to the Online Workshop

What characteristic does a nurse and a real estate agent have in common?

How many new terms are found in a college course?

What are the symptoms that reveal a student is not learning the new terms when they are introduced in a college course?

What are the effects of students not learning the new terms in their courses?

What will I learn upon completing this online workshop?


What characteristic does a nurse and a real estate agent have in common?

The characteristic a real estate agent and nurse have in common is that they both possess the ability and the habit of learning the unique terms found in their profession. Also, they can recognize examples of the terms used in their professions. In order to become successful as a real estate agent or a nurse, the large number of terms used in each of these professions must be learned and examples of them recognized.

Click for examples of the terms used in nursing and real estate.

All professions have unique vocabulary terms. What you must do as an instructor is to communicate to your students the importance of learning the all new terms introduced in your course and recognize examples of them. If this is not done, your students will not be able to learn the new information that you will be introducing in your course.

In preparing lesson plans, writing instructional objectives and constructing tests, it is important that learning the new terms introduced in the course and recognizing examples of them is emphasized.


How many new terms are found in a college course?

Most instructors and most students are not aware of the large number of new terms introduced in introductory college courses.

If a student takes five classes that have an average of twenty new terms introduced in each chapter and the instructors cover one chapter a week, the student has one hundred new terms that must be learned in one week!

In some courses there are more than twenty new terms and more than one chapter introduced each week. Many times a student has more new terms to learn in an introductory course than in an introductory course in a foreign language!

One measure of the difficulty of a college course is the number of new terms that must be learned.


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