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Module C ButtonVocabulary Across the Curriculum: Program Objectives

Upon completing the online workshop, the instructor will know how to do the following:


  • Recognize symptoms of students not learning the new terms introduced.
  • Develop in the students an awareness of the large number of new vocabulary terms introduced in the course.
  • Instruct students how to develop and use a definition outline to learn and remember the definitions of the new terms.
  • Instruct students how to recognize the three different parts of a definition: term being defined, classification, and identifying characteristics.
  • Instruct students how to recognize the different kinds of identifying characteristics.
  • Instruct students how to use the identifying characteristics of a term to recognize an example of the term.
  • Determine what kind of definition a student must learn in your course: general, professional, technical.
  • Develop test questions that use the new terms introduced in your course to promote learning and student accountability.
  • Share with students techniques on how to learn and remember the new terms in their textbook by connecting the parts of the definition of the new term to information already stored in their mind.
  • Instruct students on how to identify their learning needs and translate these needs into learning requirements.
  • Analyze a test to determine the percentage of test questions that required students to recognize a definition and an example of a term.
  • Use definition test questions to promote student accountability.
  • Publish a learning guide instead of a syllabus.


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