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Module A ButtonTopic A3: Instructional Design

“Why, exactly, am I doing or teaching this in my class?” It’s a question that many instructors admit they’ve rarely asked themselves. Although experts in their subjects, they say they rarely think systematically about the teaching and learning process, or how to incorporate what is known about this process into the design of their courses. In a traditional classroom, because of its familiar environment, this approach may work. But, the online environment is new, uncharted, frequently confusing, and it requires new ways of thinking about how to present content and interact with students.

Learning Objectives
Topic A3 will accomplish the following:

  • Introduce you to the concepts underlying good instructional design,
  • Outline a strategy – the ADDIE model – for designing a quality online course,
  • Explain how formative and summative evaluation can ensure that instructional design is effective.
  • Encourage you to reflect how you can help your online students master the required skills or concepts.


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