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Module A ButtonTopic A3.3: Instructional Design

The Design Phase
In the second phase of the ADDIE model, you will document decisions about the goals of instruction. If your analysis is complete, your overall goals should be clear already. In addition, in this phase you will develop a plan for evaluating the program, decide on the major elements of content, and decide on a sequence for presenting the content.

What is Instructional Systems Design?
To understand Objectives, and before you talk about writing one, you need to see them as one of the many spokes – admittedly an important one -- surrounding and supporting the wheel, the course itself. In the illustration below (Figure 3C.1), the inner hub is the online course you’re developing. Approaching your design this way can keep you focused. If you begin writing objectives without some idea of what the final product should look like, you cannot determine whether or not you’re on track. The project can easily slip away from you as you add “just one more item.” And you may end up with a final product that’s nothing like you thought it should be.


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