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Module A ButtonTopic A1: The Online Journey Begins

Online education is the beginning of a new paradigm for learning and teaching. As a faculty member just starting out online, you will need to consider your teaching style and explore how you can develop and facilitate an effective online course. This topic will help you get started.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of Topic A1, you will:

  • identify at least six characteristics of an effective instructor,
  • identify the Seven Principles of Good Practice,
  • complete an online assessment to identify your preferred teaching style.

An instructor's online journey begins with self-evaluation and exploration of his/her readiness and preparedness to teach in an online environment. Topic A1 focuses on the characteristics of an effective online instructor and the principles of good practice in traditional and online classrooms. Participants will have an opportunity to assess their preferred teaching styles and will then explore ways to effectively include these teaching methods and principles of good practice in a cyber-classroom.


Learning Activity I
Assume you're a student about to take your first online course. You're excited about becoming a member of the cyber-classroom, and wonder how your instructor will facilitate the 'classroom' experience. As an online student, what are you looking for in your professor? Describe the characteristics of an effective online instructor and post your response to the forum entitled "My Expectations." While on the Forums page, see how your characteristics compare with those of other faculty taking this online training. Now, let's see how your list compares to the research.


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