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Module A ButtonTopic A10.5: Creating An Effective Online Syllabus

Hyperlinks are links you create to other web sites or pages, whether they are to local pages on your own computer or organizational network, or anywhere on the Internet. Hyperlinks allow students to connect directly to a site you want them to view. As noted in the PowerPoint presentation on the Overview of Basic Content [hyperlink to PowerPoint presentation], many instructors like to provide students with links to helpful web sites. Often these include sites offering students useful tips for improving their basic study/writing skills as well as sites related to the specific course or discipline.

You can find many such sites on the web or even your own organization's/institution's web pages and create direct links to these sites from your course web site. Although these links can be set up anywhere in your course web site (e.g., within an online reading assignment or exercise, as an attachment to a Discussion Board dialogue, as a "Favorite Links" page created within a section of the courseware such as "Student Tools" or "Announcements"), we will practice setting up a hyperlink within your syllabus.

To find out how, click click to download and view the file Navigational Aids-Hyperlinks.rtf.


Learning Activity III
Now try creating a navigational aid, either a "target"or a "hyperlink", within your own syllabus design/format you created in Learning Activity 2. You can use the directions supplied in the files noted in the above "Navigational Aids" section of this topic.


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