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Module A ButtonTopic A10.1: Creating An Effective Online Syllabus

The most common mistakes instructors make in putting together a syllabus, whether for online or onground (face-to-face) instruction, are (1) not knowing the crucial information actually needed for the syllabus to be of real use to students and (2) failure to organize the information in a way which effectively accommodates students' different learning styles.

Instructors also assume that, when moving from face-to-face to online instruction, they can simply "dump" their onground syllabus as is into the course web site and it will automatically fulfill the needs of the online instruction/student/environment.

There are significant differences between onground and online teaching, which place greater demands on the syllabus when used in the online instructional environment. However, to fully realize and act on these differences, you need to appreciate some basics about the syllabus itself.

As a result, we will focus on two issues:

1. Creating an effective syllabus - Content

2. Adapting your syllabus for effective use online

a.) Format/Design
b.) Navigation Aids


Learning Activity I

Before you can begin pulling the various pieces of the previous stations together into an effective online tool, you need to be aware of the purpose of the syllabus, the primary elements which form its foundation, and the additional pieces which complete its principal construction. Then, you can begin to explore some of the nuances of the online instructional environment which further affect the informational content of your syllabus.

Click to download and view the PowerPoint presentation entitled Overview of Basic Content.


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