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Module A ButtonTopic A10.2: Creating An Effective Online Syllabus

Check the Research

Chan, G. (n.d.). Getting started: Designing the Inclusive Syllabus. Provides a handy overview of some of the most common content to include in any syllabus, including recommended length (no more than two to three pages) and suggestions for making your syllabus available to students prior to the first day of the semester. Also notes the importance of making the syllabus inclusive without rendering it dense, ponderous, less effective.

Fullmer-Umari, M. (2000). Getting Ready: The Syllabus and Other Online Indispensables. In K. White & B. Weight (Eds.), The online teaching guide: A handbook of attitudes, strategies, and techniques for the virtual classroom (pp.95-111). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

The first section of the chapter deals primarily with issues regarding the design and preparation of an online syllabus from the influence of class size to the feasibility of having students share their own biographical sketches online. The second half of the chapter is devoted to the design and preparation of the online lecture.


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