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Module A ButtonTopic A5.5: Designing Learning Activities that Promote Active Learning Introduction

Check the Research
Click on the link below for Microsoft Word document 'Models of Interactive Learning' and investigate the research-based models that emphasize student interaction with other students and interaction with content.  What model or models might work well for a segment of content that you wish to deliver in your Web-based course?

Click here to access the MS Word document.

Building a Learning Community
Through these three kinds of interaction, students actively engage in learning that enables them to construct their own meaning and knowledge. Learning becomes a collaborative process in which students assume more responsibility rather than being passive learners. A faculty member reflecting on her first experience with active Web-based learning comments:

"Before this experience, I viewed teaching as a controlled and controlling process. In relinquishing the power to learn to the students themselves, I am also relinquishing the responsibility to succeed in learning. It is a freeing feeling to realize that I have don't to be Atlas to the students, as I have now acquired partners in the learning process."

(Hirumi, A. & Bermudez, A. (1996) Interactivity, Distance Education, and Instructional Systems Design Converge on the Information Superhighway.  Journal of Research and Computing in Education 24 (1), p. 14.


Learning Activity III

Describe how you would use the model or models you selected to deliver a segment of content.  How would students interact with each other?  How would they interact with the content?  What would your role be?  Post your comments to the Interactivity Bulletin Board and read other comments there.


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