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Module A ButtonTopic A5.3: Designing Learning Activities that Promote Active Learning Introduction

Check the Research
One web-based inquiry-oriented learning strategy that has been adopted by many K-Higher Education educators is Web Quest, developed by Dr. Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University. Not only is it adaptable for different student populations and content areas, it is an effective way to use web resources.

Visit the Web Quest site and find out how to build a Web Quest.

Select and review one of the examples from higher education of a Web Quest on the site that interests you.


Learning Activity II

Go to the Ask Your Colleagues link in this Workstation. Read why Dr. Estes decided to plan his course around a Web Quest.

How could you incorporate a Web Quest into your course? Could you use it as a way for students to actively seek content as well as an activity to demonstrate their understanding of content? How could students benefit from the design and presentation of a Web Quest? Go to the Web Quest forum and post your comments.  Read the comments of others who have posted there.


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