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Module A ButtonTopic A5.1: Designing Learning Activities that Promote Active Learning Introduction

Performance objectives are the key to designing activities that will give students the opportunity to practice what they have learned and to demonstrate their ability to meet the objectives.  Each of the three course components "performance objectives, content, and exercises" builds upon the previous component with the end result being symmetry between the three. (Dick & Carey, 1996).

The challenge is to apply design activities or exercises that enable active student-centered acquisition and application of knowledge through three kinds of interaction: 

  • interaction between instructor, other experts and students,
  • interaction between students and content, and
  • interaction between student and other students in a web-based learning environment.

(Moore and Kearsley, 1995)


Learning Activity I - Instructor and Student Interaction

Interaction with students is a familiar process to you in a live classroom, but it will take new forms in your web-based classroom.

How do you currently interact with students in your classes to deliver content, to provide feedback, to manage discussions? Make a list.  Which of these interactions do you think you could transfer to a web classroom? How would you do it?

Save the list you start with this Learning Activity. As you complete the Learning Activities in this station, you will be able to add new possibilities for all three kinds of interaction to your list.

Go to the Instructor and Student Interaction forum and post your comments.  Read the comments of others who have posted there.


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