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Module A ButtonTopic A5.4: Designing Learning Activities that Promote Active Learning Introduction

Student Interaction with other Students
The third kind of interaction that promotes active learning is student interaction. Social interaction is a motivating factor and, clearly, students learn from each other. Most students will need to learn to work collaboratively in order to prepare for almost any workplace they will enter. 

In live classrooms, the opportunities for social interaction and teamwork can take many forms, some of which you may find on the following list. In a web-based classroom, some of the ways instructors and students can create their virtual classroom and construct social interactions are through:

  • Asynchronous discussion through forums and bulletin boards.
  • Synchronous or real-time discussion in chat rooms.
  • Paired learning and teamwork.
  • Projects and presentations
  • Role playing
  • Debates
  • Shared problem-solving 


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