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Module A ButtonTopic A8.3: Your Role As Instructor

Student Expectation
Your students’ expectations of your role as instructor. Knowing your own philosophy, preferences and expectations is not enough: you need to be aware of your students’ expectations. To learn how your students’ expectations of your instructional role can impact learning, download/view the PowerPoint presentation on Impact of Student Expectations or download and view it as a Microsoft Word document.


Learning Activity I - The Impact of Student Expectation

View one of the linked documents above and and identify the impact of student expectations on your role as instructor and propose strategies/techniques for dealing with them. Then, using your responses, post your strategies to the Student Impact Strategies forum by briefly citing:

  • your instructional role
  • at least 1 of your suggested strategies/techniques for dealing with each of the other roles
  • a brief description of your reason(s) for the strategies/techniques you propose.


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