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Module A ButtonTopic A8.1: Your Role As Instructor

Let’s Start with “Why”
There are two major factors that influence your role as an effective online instructor. They are an awareness of:
1) your preferred philosophy of teaching and
2) your students’ expectations of your role as instructor.

Your preferred philosophy of teaching. In particular, your teaching philosophy shapes the ways in which you teach, including the types of objectives and standards you set for your courses, the approaches/materials/tools you use and the way you interact with your students.

For example, do you prefer to impart knowledge to students and have them reflect it back to you or would you rather provide basic sources and parameters within which students discover the knowledge themselves? If the former, you may feel subject mastery is primary and use lectures and practice exercises to support the learning. If you lean to the latter, you may believe that learning to learn is as important as mastery of the subject, in which case you may prefer to use a lot of discussions and self-directed projects in your courses.


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