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Module A ButtonTopic A6.2: Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Learning Activity
Often, students expect their instructors to be in charge of what the class generally learns, and they expect that instructors will give them advice about how they might learn better.

Web-based learning supports "a more constructivist environment" where the user not only browses the information base, but also has the ability to build additional nodes and links "holds more promise to promote learning." Palumbo and Bermudez, 1994.


Learning Activity II - Teaching vs. Learning

With the following activity you will see how the emphasis shifts from "teaching" to "learning." Now, learners take charge of their own assessment of learning. Here, you will learn how to use a very effective CAT, one that will be used throughout Topic A6, the CAT known as the Know--Want--Learned (KWL) chart.

Download and print out this KWL chart PDF focusing on the information learned in this topic. Complete the form as one of your students might be asked to do for a course he or she might be taking. Assume the role of a student just joining a class, in this case it's the online training module on CATs. Start by listing what you already "know" (K) about CATs, what you "want" (W) to know, and (assume you've now completed this station) what you (we hope) "learned" (L) so far. Fill in the left side and middle columns. "Hints" for completing the KWL chart are included across the first row. Keep the KWL chart handy after you fill in the columns.


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