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Module A ButtonTopic A4.3: Learning Objectives

Sample Objectives
1. Given a standard sentence, the English 101 student should be able to identify the noun and verb without error.

2. Given an assortment of EMS equipment to select from, the paramedic should be able to identify all the equipment necessary to perform rapid sequence intubation without error.

3. At the completion of MATH 105 the community college student should be able to perform a dosage calculation utilizing dimensional analysis when given a medication vial, pencil, paper, and calculator without error.

4. The advanced English Composition student should be able to write a 1000 word report that demonstrates the writer has first gathered information about a controversial subject, defined the issues surrounding the controversy clearly and succinctly, described concisely the points of opposition, analyzed the issues logically, and made a recommendation.

Review of ABCD Objectives
Once you've written the learning objective, review it to determine if it answers the following questions:

  • Who is to exhibit the performance?
  • What observable performance is the learner to exhibit?
  • What conditions are provided for the learner at the time of evaluation?
  • What constitutes a minimum acceptable response?

If your objective doesn't include any of this information, rewrite it or, in the case of redundancies like audience, ensure that the necessary information is clearly spelled out elsewhere in your document.

Performance Agreement
This is where you as the designer evaluate and compare the content of the course under development with the objectives you've written. You must determine if the content will allow the student to accomplish the objectives. The process is considered reiterative because throughout the course development you should be reviewing to see if performance agreement is present. It's much easier to make minor adjustments as you go along than it is to make major changes at the end.

If you cannot clearly see that the content being delivered meets the objectives, then you must do one of the following to establish performance agreement:

  • Rewrite the objectives to meet the content.
  • Modify, enhance or remove the content to meet the objective as stated.


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