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Browser Check: QuickTime Video Capability

Next we are going to test your web browser for QuickTime® capability. The QuickTime plug-in from Apple® Computer, Inc. allows you to view video clips and streaming video/audio directly in your web browser.

Take a look at the area below. What do you see? If you see the "Click to Play Movie" image then congratulations; your browser is already QuickTime enabled! If you see any other image then you may not have the required QuickTime plug-in.

Click to download and install the QuickTime plug-in.

The video clip below is very short in length with audio [5 seconds]. The file size is 88KB. This will take about a minute to download on a dial-up modem, but just a few seconds on DSL, cable modem or a LAN connection. To test your machine's speed and playback capability, click the play button to begin playing this clip.

QuickTime Movie from Apple Computer, Inc.
© Copyright 2003 - All Rights Reserved.


How well did the clip play? Was the playback smooth? Did you hear the audio? Did the audio and video sync well?

Many factors determine your computer's ability to play video. In addition to having the proper plug-in, your computer's internet connection, processor speed, sound card and software configurations all play a part. If it took too long to download this very short video clip, or if the playback was less than perfect, you may want to skip the video components of the training. You can, instead, elect to view transcripts of each video.

Now lets continue with next item on our browser checklist.

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