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Browser Check: JavaScript Capability

To begin our browser check we will start with one of the most basic, and most essential, browser capabilities: JavaScript.

JavaScript enhances the dynamics and interactive features of web pages in many ways, and you probably are already using it without being aware. In fact, the easiest way to test your JavaScript capability is to move your cursor over the menu at the left of this page. If you can see the buttons change as you mouse over them, then you are using JavaScript.

Although nearly every web browser made in the last four years has JavaScript capability, it is possible to disable this functionality. In addition to the rollover test, we have another way to make sure that your browser is using JavaScript. Click the button below entitled JavaScript Test. When you do, you should see a small pop-up window appear.

JavaScript Test Button


 If you do not get a pop-up window when you click the button, or if you are unable to see a change when you mouse over buttons on this page, your JavaScript is not enabled. You should check your browser preferences or download and reinstall your browser software to enable JavaScript.

For the Maryland Faculty Online site, JavaScript is used in navigation, self-assessment quizzes and providing feedback to the Maryland Faculty Online team.


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