Dr. Gary Kaiser



My name is Gary Kaiser and I'm a professor of microbiology at the Community College of Baltimore County, Catonsville Campus. I've been teaching microbiology here for 30 years and using on-line components for the past 4 years. Currently I offer my microbiology lectures on-line but as microbiology laboratory is very hands on, students must still register for and attend one of my 4 lab sections. My microbiology lectures are on-line with the 4 Units containing approximately 240 pages of text and over 650 illustrations (computer-generated illustrations, photographs, photomicrographs, electron micrographs, etc.) as well as numerous links to outside sites. Recently I've also added around 150 animations, my current area of interest. I also have my complete lab manual on-line. The 21 labs contain approximately 250 pages of text and around 350 illustrations including color photographs and photomicrographs of all lab results. I use my web page to present course content to both my web students and my traditional students. My lectures are presented in a smart classroom and I use the Internet much in the manner of a Power Point presentation.


Gary E. Kaiser, Ph.D. Professor of Microbiology
Biology Department
The Community College of Baltimore County
Catonsville Campus
Baltimore, MD 21228
Phone: (410)455-4289